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Sports & Entertainment

Excelling in sports and entertainment takes an entirely different type of mindset. You strive to achieve excellence.

Your game is always about winning. You have your own unique perspective on the world. While your personality and drive has elevated you to the top of your profession, you also face some very unique financial challenges. How do you manage and protect your wealth? How do you discern the best opportunities and how do you avoid the pitfalls that so many of your peers have fallen for? While you have to maintain your focus on the demanding requirements of your profession, you still think about your wealth.

Where can you go to get sound financial direction, as opposed to short-sided, bad opportunities?

We at Sewall Financial Group are uniquely qualified to address your challenges. Ivy League educated, CEO Robert Sewall played in the NFL for three years. He and the other financial professionals have a deep insight into the challenges and motivations of both players and entertainers. The industries are demanding, and sports and entertainment professions have to maintain their focus in the most rigorous of situations. Sewall Financial Group possesses the drive, the sweat and grit, and the unyielding tenacity to translate your winning attitude into the financial realm.

Discover the winning game.